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How To Successfully Network When Relocating Your Business

24 May 2017

How To Successfully Network When Relocating Your Business
Relocating your business is an enormous task that requires a great amount of work as it is.

You need to consider all factors, location logistics, costs, additional demands; but one thing that can often go under the radar is your network. It is important that you do not underestimate the importance of networking. You are potentially leaving a large portion of contacts behind and moving onto a completely alien destination. Therefore it is likely you are going to need to begin rebuilding your business contacts from the bottom up. A freighting thought? Yes, but extremely possible, so don’t panic.  

Here are a few tips as to how you can go about building up your network following your own business relocation:

Who do you already know?
Begin by making a list of everyone who you know from the area or has some sort of connection to your new location, whether it is neighbours, family, old friends, colleagues etc. One way that you can do this much more efficiently is by sorting your LinkedIn connections by location. This will give you an idea of who you know within your new area. 

Following this you can then start to reach out to everyone on your list one by own, questioning whether or not they may have any contacts who are within your industry. Express your interest in building out your new network and explain that you are reaching out to them to see if they have any possible connections that may help. Of course, not everyone will know people, but you are putting yourself in a great position to meet new people and catch up with others, overall beginning to build out a new network in a new location. 

People may keep you in mind should they come across any new contacts in the future with a connection to your location, so it is always worth putting your name out there.  

Attend charitable events
Another way you can begin to interact with more industry related people and increase connectivity within a new area is by attending charitable fundraisers and events. Do some research to find some events that you feel you have a connection to or a passion for, then go along to them. They can be ‘invite only’, though there is no harm in getting in touch with the organisers and expressing an interest. After all, they may recommend others to you that could be of interest. 

Every event of this kind provides a brilliant opportunity to get to know new people and interact with people of the community and help you to build up your new network. 

Start your own networking groups 
Creating your own networking group can prove to be a brilliant way for you to network following a business relocation. It enables you to reach out to more people, communicate with locals, get to know what they do and begin to build up a network that can potentially help you and your business. At these groups, if you promote them successfully, you can appeal and attract to all kinds of people. However, if you are looking to only attract a certain kind of people, maybe filter the group down and give it a different purpose. Having said that, there is no reason why you can have one group purely for social interaction and one for more industry and work related interaction. 

Research upcoming events 
Begin by researching different events that are ongoing within the new area of your business. Discover the events that are of use to you, and see if there are any local events held by certain organisations you have already dealt with or have previous experience with, as this will prove a great place to start. 

You can always subscribe to specific organisation’s news bulletins, too. This way you can be notified of specific events and filter them to your requirements. This way you have a great way to keep track of specific events and meets within the area. 

Refocus to your new location 
When relocating your business it is the time to begin to refocus your own professional networking to your new location, instead of where you were previously situated. A way in which you can begin this process is by updating your location on social profiles, such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. 

LinkedIn is a brilliant way to achieve this, as you are able to join relevant groups where you can begin to interact with new people, both asking questions and even answering them. It provides an ideal outlet to learn more about your new community and city as a whole. It really helps to open up your network to new connections.

The key is to put yourself out there in any way that you can. Follow these tips and try to interact and engage with new people, build up your network and make new connections. You might meet people who do not strictly work in the same industry as you, but they might have friends or acquaintances that do. So keep in mind that all connections are useful; especially when you’re beginning a new network following the relocation of your business. 

Good luck with your new journey.