How to Stay Cool when Moving during a Heatwave.

23 Jul 2019

How to Stay Cool when Moving during a Heatwave.

It's a fact that moving house is one of the most stressful experiences that you can undertake in your life and the current hot weather is likely to increase any stress or discomfort you may feel on moving day. 

Bishop's Move have moved many houses in a variety of weather conditions over our 165 years of business and here are our Top Tips to Staying Cool when moving house during a heatwave.

Top Tip 1 - Leave the packing to the professionals.

1. Leave the Packing to the Experts.

Whilst DIY packing may seem a good idea, in this current hot weather you may find that rushing around finding items, wrapping them up and packing them leaves you hot and bothered. So select our full packing option so that you can sit back and relax whilst our specially trained packing team takes care of things for you.

If you are packing yourself, make sure you work in a cool, shady area and have a large clear workspace at the right height so that you are not bending awkwardly when wrapping and packing items in to their boxes. If possible keep a fan on near by as this will help circulate the air around you whilst you work.

Top Tip 2 - Leave the lifting of heavy items to the experts - the removal men.

2. Avoid Lifting Heavy Items

The best advice regarding moving and lifting any heavy items of furniture is to leave it to our specially trained staff. They know how to lift cabinets, tables, sofas and sideboards correctly, without straining - so stand back, relax and let them do their job.

3. Stay Hydrated

Hot weather can escalate the excitement that you may have about moving and if you do not stay hydrated by drinking plenty of fluids you may feel a little lightheaded, and in the worse case scenario, even faint. To avoid this keep water or diluted squash on hand, either in bottles in a cool box (especially important if your fridge has been turned off to move) or in the kitchen sink. Make sure that your children and pets have water on hand throughout the day too.

And whilst it is an industry joke that removal men like the odd cup of tea - this drink is proven to help you regulate your body temperature and help cool you down.

Top Tip 4 - Keep pets in the shade with plenty of water when moving on a hot day

4. Stay in the Shade

If you feel that you need to be outside and watch the removal men at work, please make sure you wear a wide-brimmed hat so that your face (and neck if possible) is kept shaded from the sun. Children should be similarly protected from the sun and asked not to over exert themselves helping move boxes or toys as they can easily get heat stroke, especially when excited.

Pets should be kept in the shade with as much ventilation as possible. Ideally place your pets in a pet carry that has plenty of holes, such as a woven basket or cage, and place them in a shaded spot  with water on hand to drink at all times. Dogs and cats can become stressed when moving house as it is different from their normal routine, in this hot weather you will need to keep checking on them at regular intervals and obviously let them out for a supervised walk throughout the day. This will keep them safe and out of harms way during the move - plus prevent any pet wandering off just as you are about to leave for your new home. 


Top Tip 5 - Open Windows and Doors to cool the premises.

5. Keep the Premises Cool

When packing your old house, try to leave the doors and windows safely open until the last minute. This will prevent the heat from building in the property. As you are about to leave and do a final check around the old house, go from room to room and shut the windows and doors - this will help you to know that each room has been packed.

On arrival to your new home, immediately open as many doors and windows as you can, safely, so that you can let fresh air circulate. This will help clear the hot air from the house and keep the house cool as you unpack your belongings.

These 5 Top Tips should help you and your family to Stay Cool when Moving House During a Heatwave.

The summer holiday period is the busiest time to move house, but following these few top tips in this hot weather should help you to stay cool throughout the move. By using a British Association of Removers (BAR) approved removals company, such as ourselves, and with careful pre-planning there should be no concerns about moving in this heat.

Bishop's Move will be happy to advise you throughout the duration of your move, from the initial free home survey and discussing the best packing options for you to providing the specially trained team of removal men on moving day - so get in touch with us today to discuss your move (whatever the weather.)