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How To Measure and Hang Curtains

15 Mar 2019

How To Measure and Hang Curtains

If you don’t already have curtains up in your home then the space can look open and bare and doesn’t give you as much privacy as you might like. Curtains can also really complete the look of a room and make it seem much more homely that it might otherwise seem. But if you haven’t hung curtains before then you might be unsure how you go about actually putting curtains up. It might seem like a difficult task but it is actually fairly straightforward when you know how. That’s why we have put together a guide to show you how to measure and hang curtains in your new home.

What You Will Need – Tools

The first step to hanging your curtains is to make sure that you actually have the right tools to undertake the job. If you don’t have the right tools then buying these can be quite a large outlay so it might be worth thinking about borrowing some tools from family for the time being. In order to hang curtains you will need;

  • Ladder
  • Tape Measure
  • Spirit Level
  • Drill and Drill Bit
  • Pencil

Once you have all of these tools you should now be ready to start measuring so that you can get curtains that perfectly fit your window. Measuring is important to get right as curtains that are too short will not block out all of the light from the outside. If your curtains are too long then it can also ruin the look in the room.

Taking Measurements

This is the most important part when it comes to hanging curtains in your home as you need to ensure that you have the right sized curtains for your window. You will also need to make sure that you get the right curtain rods too in order to cover the width of your window. When measuring the width and the size of your curtain rod, you should always add around 30cm (12”) to the size, as this will cover the whole of your window. Measure from around 15cm (6”) above the window to the floor if you want floor length curtains in your room or allow at least the same space below the window as you did above the window. With your measurements, you should now be ready to find curtains and start hanging them.

Installing Rod and Hanging Curtains

When you have your curtain rod and curtains ready to go, you should now be ready to measure your space and hang the curtains. Use a pencil to mark where your brackets should go and also mark drill holes so your brackets are in the perfect place. Use a spirit level to make sure that your bracket marks are level before starting to drill. You should get wall plugs and screws with your curtain pole in order to hang it. Make sure you check as you will need these. Once you have drilled the holes, place wall plugs in the holes and screw each bracket to the wall with an electric screwdriver/drill.

Some curtain poles will come with curtain rings and curtain hooks included but again you will need to check this. You might need to buy extra curtain hooks but these are available from most good hardware stores. Make sure that you use all the rings provided and evenly space them to stop the curtains from sagging anywhere.