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How to Decorate for Maximum Rental Interest

22 Mar 2017

How to Decorate for Maximum Rental Interest
When decorating your property to rent, it can be difficult to know where to start.

Decorating a rental property is very different to decorating your own home, as your personal taste may not appeal to everyone. If you want to attract maximum rental interest then it is important that you decorate your property in a more neutral way. By avoiding any bright colours and keeping things simple, you are more likely to appeal to a wide variety of people.

Here are a few tips on how to decorate for maximum rental interest.



When it comes to painting your property, we recommend opting for neutral colours, as these will appeal to a wider audience. That said, you might be wise to avoid using magnolia; this tried and tested paint colour is instantly recognisable and can be considered to look cheap and basic. Instead, try off-white, pale beiges, and other neutral colours - they're not that much more expensive and can make the property look more welcoming. By giving your property a fresh lick of paint you will also make it look brighter too, which is another feature that can help you to gain maximum interest.



Another important factor in gaining maximum interest in your rental property is the how much light your property lets in. This is high on most people’s list of priorities when looking for somewhere to live, as they want a space with lots of natural light. It also makes your property look more spacious as a dimly lit room can look smaller and isn’t as inviting to potential tenants. If your property doesn’t have a lot of natural light, there are a few things you can do, such as:

  • Installing wall mirrors - these are a great way to make a room appear much bigger and brighter, as they will reflect light back into the room.
  • Choosing high-wattage light bulbs to make sure you get the most light in the room as possible; go for a bright white bulb or make sure it has higher lumens.
  • Cleaning your windows inside and out can also maximise the amount of light that your property lets in and make your home feel brighter.



You should make sure that your rental property is in perfect order before looking for tenants and all repairs have been done. This includes checking that the bathroom and kitchen facilities are in good working order before renting out the property. If you are renting out the property unfurnished then any defects in the décor will be easy to spot by any potential tenants. This means that you should make sure that any defects in things like skirting boards or the flooring have been repaired beforehand.


These simple tips can help you to maximise rental interest in your property and help you find a tenant quickly. By making these simple changes in your property you are gaining an advantage on the other properties in the market. If you secure your tenants then they will most likely need a removals company. Bishop’s Move has more than 25 local branches across the UK and over 165 years of experience, so are perfect for helping your clients move in.