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How Much Does it Cost to Live in India?

22 Aug 2023

How Much Does it Cost to Live in India?
A rich culture, diverse landscapes and low living costs are some of the incredible benefits of making India your home.

India can offer some of the best quality of life for expats. But how much does everything really cost? Is it as financially beneficial to move here as people say? We’ve broken down costs to prepare you for your move to India.

The cost of living in India can vary from city to countryside, but generally costs for everything from housing to private schools are much lower than in the UK. Bear in mind that these regional differences will affect the prices listed below.


No matter where you are – in a jam-packed Indian city or a serene rural area – the biggest expense when it comes to living costs tends to be housing. The question you first need to ask is whether you want to buy or rent. Deciding which depends on how long you plan on living in India, and where you want to live in this vast country. We’ve broken down some of these costs to give you an idea of the average prices. 

Renting in India

Accommodation type

Cost (INR)*

Cost (GBP)*

1 Bedroom Flat in the City Centre

15,451.92 ₹


3 Bedroom Flat in the City Centre

33,733.95 ₹


1 Bedroom  Flat Outside of Centre

9,991.74 ₹


3 Bedroom Flat Outside of Centre

21,223.03 ₹


Buying in India

Accommodation type

Cost  (INR)*

Cost (GBP)*

Per Square Foot in City Centre

129,830.43 ₹


Per Square Foot Outside the City Centre

63,952.32 ₹


Girls Doing a Ceremonial Dance in India

Daily Expenses in India

Not only is rent considerably lower in India than in the UK, but overall daily expenses are also affordable. Just like any other country, you can opt to spend more for higher-end experiences. To break down what you might need in your wallet, we've outlined some key daily expenses. This should give you a clear picture of what it's like to budget for life in India.

Food and Dining


Cost (INR)*

Cost (GBP)*

Milk, (1 litre)

57.84 ₹


Loaf of Fresh White Bread (500g)

41.17 ₹


Rice (white), (1kg)

58.00 ₹


Eggs (12)

78.25 ₹


Local Cheese (1kg)

433.35 ₹


Chicken Fillets (1kg)

265.66 ₹


Beef Round (1kg) (or Equivalent Back Leg Red Meat)

472.54 ₹


Apples (1kg)

164.28 ₹




Cost (INR)*

Cost (GBP)*

One-way Ticket (Local Transport)

30.00 ₹


Monthly Pass (Regular Price)

900.00 ₹


Taxi Start (Normal Tariff)

60.00 ₹


Taxi 1km (Normal Tariff)

25.00 ₹


Taxi 1 hour Waiting (Normal Tariff)

100.00 ₹


Gasoline (1 litre)

104.79 ₹


Education & Healthcare

Skyline of Jaipur’s pink roof, India

As one of the largest countries in the world, India has developed public healthcare and education. The services are only available to Indian residents and are often over-subscribed. So, whether you aren't staying long or choose to use a private service instead, we've broken down some key costs.


India's Right to Education Act (RTE) covers free and compulsory schooling for children aged 3 up to 18 years. In a country with many dialects and languages, public schools will teach students in the mother tongue or regional language. To help with the transition of moving, many expats will choose to send their children to a private or international school.


Yearly average (INR)*

Yearly average ( GPB)*

International School

210,000 to 315,000  ₹

£2,000 to £3,000

Public School




If you have Indian residency, then you are given free healthcare within government facilities. But these can be limited, understaffed, and lacking in necessary items. That's why it's advised to use private health insurance if you are moving to India. Here are some of the costs to give you a rough idea of what the prices for care are. 


Cost (INR)*

Cost (GBP)*

Consultation with GP



Consultation with Dentist



Hospital Deposit

5,000 - 20,000₹

£50 -£200

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*All prices are approx as of August 2023.