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Home Selling Techniques For a Fast Sale

13 Jan 2020

Home Selling Techniques For a Fast Sale

Preparing your home for potential homebuyers can be daunting. We have some great tips to ensure that your home not only sells quickly but also adds value.


Declutter Your Home

When selling your home, it is important to have a thorough declutter. Not only will this improve the moving out process, but it will also make your home appear bigger and brighter. You can put excess belongings in storage or perhaps give it to a friend until you have your own space. Clearing out your home will encourage people to envisage what the property will look like when they move in, as it is not cluttered with your personal belongings. To make the room appear even bigger, consider removing any bulky furniture that makes the room feel small. Replace this with smaller, minimalist furniture to create a more open atmosphere.


Give Your Home a Lick of Paint

Giving your walls a fresh lick of paint will also make your home appear bigger and brighter. Choosing a neutral colour will make it easier for buyers to move in. If your walls are a slightly unusual colour (e.g. purple or green), it could put many potential buyers off. The colour has to be livable and appealing. Depending on the paint job and the real estate market, you can expect a 50-500% return on your investment, just from painting alone. 


Update the Kitchen

Some say that the kitchen is the focal point of the home, being the place we spend a lot of time with friends and family. To sell your house quickly, consider refacing your kitchen cabinetry. Not only does this give your kitchen a fresh new look, but it is also a lot cheaper than replacing your entire kitchen. Updating your kitchen surfaces can be costly, but has been proven to add serious value to your home. When selling your house, it is also important to make the space look clean and open. To do so, clear out any appliances and leave a simple bowl of fruit out.


Keep Things Bright and Airy 

There are many different ways to make your room appear bright and airy. Wall mirrors are a great way to make a room look bigger, especially in small areas such as the hallway. You can also brighten your room by giving your windows a thorough clean. Although this can take a long time it is definitely worth it, as it will also make your property more attractive. Further brighten your rooms by putting small lamps in the corners, for additional light.


Get the Right Smells

This may seem like a minor factor to consider when selling your house, but a nice smelling property can really make a difference. Bad smells are a huge turn off for potential homebuyers. You can fix bad smells by clearing old drains, washbins, opening windows and washing old bedsheets. Good smells can make a home feel alluring and can encourage viewers to spend more time looking around. To make your home smell beautiful, invest in a good quality air freshener plug in our perhaps light some scented candles. Although seemingly impractical, if you can consider baking fresh bread or cakes to give your home a homely scent.