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Our historic vehicles are on the move, London to Brighton.

06 May 2018

Our historic vehicles are on the move, London to Brighton.

Bishop's Move historic fleet of vehicles are on the move this weekend, taking part in the annual HCVS London to Brighton run.

This year, the Bishop's Move Foden, a HH steam wagon and one of only 3 left in existence, and "Sammy", a 1 tonne Morris pantechnicon, are both participating in the 57th Annual London to Brighton run, Sunday 6th May.

The Historic Commercial Vehicle Society are celebrating their 60th anniversary this year, so this event is sure to be a special one. The vehicles start at Crsytal Palace Park, in South London, between 7.00 and 9.00am and then make their way down the A23 to the half-way stop in Crawley High Street (any time from 8.30am). They then continue down the A273 through Hassocks and eventually re-join the A23 to make their way through Brighton, finishing on Madeira Drive any time from 10.30am. Vehicles have to be at least 20 years old to join the HCVS so due to the varying age and type of vehicles taking place, some make the journey in a few hours, whilst others, like our steam engine take a lot longer.

Bishop's Move Foden at Crystal Palace London to Brighton run a previous year

The public are welcome to view the vehicles as they park up on Madeira Drive to be judged for various trophies, prizes and cups, such as The Best Restoration by a Society member of limited means.

So come along and say hello. - there will be an array of vehicles on display from fire engines and buses, to removal vans and military jeeps....


Bishop's Move historic removals van