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Happy St Patrick's Day Ireland.

17 Mar 2013

Happy St Patrick's Day Ireland.

It's the 17st March, 2013 - St Patick's Day. This cultural and religious Irish public holiday is named after Ireland's primary saint, Patrick - the "Apostle of Ireland". He is said to have preached using the Shamrock as a sign for the Holy Trinity, and this is why it is still a symbol of this country today.

If you are relocating from the UK, it is easy to see why Ireland is so popular with British expats. It's a short boat ride or plane trip away, the language is the same and the pace of life slower and the countryside is fresh and green. 

Work wise, Ireland benefits from many Internet companies using the country as it's EuroZone base, as they benefit from the lower tax rate and English language. Google, Facebook, Microsoft, HP and many more have established their European headquarters in Ireland, making the country a employment mecca for the internet savvy.

Since it's prosperous "Celtic tiger" period, Ireland is currently suffering a financial depression, with many property prices having fallen by 50%. So now is the right time to snap up a bargain.

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For more useful information on Ireland - visit their official website