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Guide to Living in Southampton

26 Sep 2023

Guide to Living in Southampton
Tucked on the coast of the Solent and a short drive from the New Forest lies Southampton, one of Britain's most famous port cities.


Not only does its rich history draw streams of visitors, but its vibrant culture is shaped by those who live there. With a mixture of students, families and people looking to retire, Southampton is well and truly on the map of places to live in the UK.

But moving to a new area requires a lot of research - find out if Southampton is the place for you and your family.

Is Southampton a Nice Place to Live? 

One of the most fundamental questions when considering a move to a new location is its atmosphere. What you consider a nice place is, of course, very personal to you. Southampton has many pull factors for all kinds of people, including a stunning coastline, green spaces and plenty of evening entertainment. Deciding on whether a move here is right for you depends on your family's lifestyle, career goals and interests.

First of all, Southampton is a well-connected city. As a major port for cruise lines, the roads and public transport are well adapted to the influx of visitors and passers-through. That means getting around for work or pleasure is no problem, making it an excellent place to live and work. 

There are many things to consider when choosing Southampton, especially for those with families. As the largest city in the county, Hampshire, the port city does have some areas with high crime rates. Like most cities, there are areas which see less than others. It is worth exploring areas of the city to find the right neighbourhood for you. 

Southampton Port at sunrise

What are the Average House Prices in Southampton? 

Like many coastal towns across the UK, there has been an upward trend when it comes to property prices. The average house price in Southampton is £301,517* as of August 2023. Average prices vary depending on the neighbourhood and area, with some demanding higher prices due to waterfront locations.  Flats are the most commonly sold property type in Southampton, with an average price of £175,195*. 

*According to Rightmove

Where Should I Live in Southampton?

Ultimately, where in a city you choose to live can play a significant role in your life there. These are some areas in Southampton worth considering. 

West End

Just east of Southampton, the West End sits between the city and the country. It was once a small parish but has now grown. This suburb has managed to retain its charming country feel despite its developing size. It’s self-sufficient with its own high street, but close enough to the city centre to enjoy its vibrancy.


Located in South-East Southampton, Netley is a historic and quaint village. It is a sought-after location for people moving to the area as it has a shingle beach, pubs and a strong sense of local community. 


The journey into the city from Netley is short - less than 20 minutes on a train. So even though it's close to a city, it gives a countryside feel for the best of both worlds. 

Ocean Village 

After major redevelopment, this once-working dock has now become a hub for residents, business, and leisure. From cinemas to high-rise apartment blocks, it is becoming an increasingly popular place to move for families or individuals.


What are the Best Schools in Southampton? 

There are plenty of education opportunities in Southampton. With two universities and many schools and colleges, education is a big advantage here. Within a 10-mile radius of Southampton, there are in fact 36 schools that are rated outstanding*. 31 of them are primary schools. The options for excellent education are considerable and make this port city a fantastic home for families.

*Correct as of September 2023

Bargate, Southampton, Hampshire

What is Public Transport like in Southampton? 

If you are thinking of moving to Southampton but require good public transport links, then you’re considering the right place. Southampton's location makes it a centre point for transport across the south coast and further north. With hourly trains to London, Brighton and Portsmouth, you will be easily linked with bustling cities. 

Southampton even has its own airport that flies to cities across England, Scotland and Wales. Most flights are under 90 minutes. For international flights, Gatwick is the closest airport.

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