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Easy Tips On How to Heat Your Home

13 Feb 2019

Easy Tips On How to Heat Your Home

There are some easy ways that you can help heat your home and avoid heat loss. You should maximise the amount of heat you get in your home by excluding drafts and insulating among some of the easy tips on how to heat your home.

Keeping your home warm isn’t just for the winter months either, as having an energy efficient home is top of many people’s priorities. With notoriously unpredictable weather in the UK, we can even get bad weeks of cold and wet weather during the summer. It is important to make sure your home is well insulated and you are keeping the heat in all year round. But this doesn’t have to be a massive chore or even cost a fortune, as there are plenty of things you can do quickly. Take a look at our easy tips to keep the heat in.

Radiator Tips

If you are looking to keep your home warm then one of the first places you should start with is your radiators. These are the main source of heat in any home but many people are not utilising their radiators properly. Firstly, you should ensure that you are not covering your radiator with a sofa or other pieces of furniture, as this can stop heat from being distributed. There are also some other radiator tips that include;

  • Tin Foil – cover a thin sheet of cardboard in tin foil and place it behind the radiator, as this will reflect heat back into your room instead of losing it into the wall
  • Bleed It – if you haven’t done this in a long time (or ever) then you should bleed your radiator. Use a radiator key to release trapped air and help your radiator heat to the top.
  • Pipe-lagging – insulate radiator or any other hot water pipes as this keeps the water inside your pipes hotter for longer

Block Draughts

Another way that your home is losing heat is through draughty windows, doors and fixings. You could be spending all of that money on heating your home but losing that heat through gaps under doors or around windows. You can buy draught excluder taper fairly cheaply in your local DIY store. Place this under both external and internal doors, along with in between the window and frame. By using draught excluders under internal doors, you can stop the heat escaping that room and you will feel warmer without having to turn up the heat.  

Trap Heat

You should also think about trapping heat in your home so that it doesn’t escape. It's important to maximise the heat in your hope to help bring down the cost of your heating and also keep your home warmer throughout the year. You can trap heat in your home in a number of different ways by making the most of the heat that you have. Some of the top tips for trapping heat in your home include;

  • Rugs – if you have wooden floors, especially upstairs, then you should consider placing rugs down to stop some of the heat escaping from your room.
  • Curtains – keep these closed to help stop heat escaping through your windows, or consider purchasing some thermal curtains to keep more heat in
  • Loft – heat rises, so insulating the loft can help to keep your entire home warmer and stops heat escaping. Ensure you have the right level of insulation.