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Delivering Exceptional Business Relocation Services for a Prestigious Foundation

12 Jul 2023

Delivering Exceptional Business Relocation Services for a Prestigious Foundation
Bishop's Move Delivers Exceptional Business Relocation Services for a Prestigious Foundation

Client Overview

This particular foundation, one of the largest independent funders in the UK, is committed to enhancing the natural world, fostering a fairer future, and strengthening community relationships across the nation. They entrusted Bishop's Move, one of the UK's most renowned commercial relocation providers, with the crucial task of facilitating their specialist, four-phased move in Kings Cross, London.

Our Approach

Bishop's Move impressed the foundation with our meticulous attention to detail, comprehensive quote, and well-structured planning programme. Our Business Relocation team's ability to accommodate changes at short notice and provide exceptional facilities further solidified our selection for this important project. With expertise in all areas of the move, Bishop's Move was well-equipped to deliver outstanding results.

Timescales and Temporary Relocation

Recognising the importance of adhering to strict timescales, Bishop's Move implemented an efficient strategy to ensure a timely relocation. This involved the temporary relocation of the foundation's belongings by utilising a designated holding space within the new building. This arrangement allowed for the completion of the new space while safeguarding the client's possessions.

Protection and Reassembly of High-Value Artwork

The relocation involved the transportation of high-value artwork, which demanded utmost care and attention. Bishop's Move addressed this concern by employing specially designed packaging to protect the artwork during transit. Moreover, their skilled art relocation team expertly reassembled the artwork at the new location, ensuring its safe arrival and preservation.

Recycling of Redundant Furniture

With sustainability as a core value, Bishop's Move took initiative-taking measures to responsibly manage redundant furniture. We coordinated the recycling and rehoming of unwanted furniture, ensuring that it found a new purpose at a local school. This commitment to recycling and minimising waste highlights our client's, and our own, dedication to environmentally conscious practices.

Client's Requirements

To meet the client's specific needs, Bishop's Move conducted comprehensive pre-move planning and site surveys. These assessments enabled us to anticipate and overcome potential challenges, such as navigating narrow staircases and restricted access for HGV vehicles. We also organised purpose-built crates for the secure transport of the high-value artwork, which were expertly assembled on-site.

Coordination with Building Management

Given the ongoing fit-outs in the vacating building, Bishop's Move closely coordinated with the building management team. This collaboration ensured that loading operations were synchronised to meet the agreed-upon schedule. Our meticulous attention to detail and efficient coordination helped facilitate a smooth and seamless relocation process.

Specialised Art Installation

Bishop's Move's commitment to excellence extended to the final phase of the relocation, which involved the intricate installation and hanging of artwork. Deploying skilled technicians and specialist art installation teams, we meticulously executed this task over a two-day period. This expertise ensured the artwork was beautifully displayed in the new space.

To Conclude

Bishop's Move displayed our exceptional capabilities in business relocation services through their successful collaboration with the prestigious foundation. By adhering to strict timescales and providing a temporary relocation solution, we displayed their flexibility and commitment to meeting client needs. Our Business Relocation team's attention to protecting high-value artwork and dedication to recycling redundant furniture demonstrated our commitment to both client satisfaction and sustainable practices.

Bishop's Move proved ourselves to not only be highly skilled, but also a trusted and reliable partner who could provide sustainable solutions for this complex relocation, resulting with our ongoing work with this foundation.


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