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Christmas Gift Ideas for New Homeowners

14 Dec 2017

Christmas Gift Ideas for New Homeowners

Spending that first Christmas in a new home is such an exciting time. But chances are most first time buyers are probably lacking some staple items that every household should have to hand. Whether it’s practical items or those special little touches, new homeowners need quite a few things, and Christmas is the perfect time to give them as gifts.

If someone close to you has just bought their first home and you’re not sure what to give them this holiday season, we have some great suggestions for you. Alternatively, if you’ve just purchased your first home and you’re not sure what to ask for this year, you’ll find some great ideas in this blog.

Personalised sign

Personalised family name signs for the home are very popular at the moment and add an excellent flair of style to the home. This is a particularly appropriate gift for newlyweds who are setting up their first purchased home together.

Small kitchen appliances

New homeowners will probably already have typical appliances like a kettle and a toaster on hand, though if they don’t there’s a perfect gift opportunity. But if they do already have these items, you could give them another type of small kitchen appliance that’s more luxury than a necessity. A or smoothie maker would make a special gift that would look perfect on the shiny new kitchen unit. 

Something that smells nice

Nothing makes a new home feel cosy like a pleasant scent in the air. Add in the wintry glow of a candle and you have the perfect gift. Consider purchasing something pretty and seasonal that the new homeowners can light and enjoy throughout the season. Reed diffusers are also excellent for adding a wonderful scent to any home and are also quite visually striking, which means they double as décor.


A clock for the wall or mantle can be a very thoughtful gift that will be used and appreciated for years to come. Clocks often stay in the family for many years and are something we use every day without even thinking about it. For someone you’re quite close to, a mantle clock is a lovely keepsake gift, or if you’re looking to spend a little less, a stylish wall clock is just as effective. 


First-time homeowners may not be prepared for all the tinkering and repairing that comes along with home-ownership. A homeowner will need a variety of tools over the years, but a great gift is to help them out by giving them a starter tool kit. These have the basic tools that everyone should have, and should get them through most starter DIY tasks.

Towels or bedding

Two of life’s greatest pleasures are wrapping up in a warm, fluffy towel after a shower, and crawling between soft sheets at the end of a long day. Towels and bedding make excellent gifts for new homeowners, in many cases, it’s unlikely that they’ll have a nice matching set of either. Soft and fluffy towels or bedding is the perfect luxury gift for new homeowners this Christmas.

Cocktail set

Not sure what to buy for the “hostess with the mostess”? A perfect gift, especially for the holiday season, is a cocktail set. These are ideal for people who love to throw parties and entertain, or who just enjoy dreaming up their own cocktail recipes.

Cosy blanket

Everyone loves to enjoy being in their new home, especially during the winter months. There are few things more enjoyable as a new homeowner than staying home, getting cosy on the sofa and enjoying a good film. A cuddly blanket or throw for the sofa and no lounge is complete without one.

Gift vouchers

If you’re not sure what someone needs, you can’t go wrong with a gift voucher to a department or homewares store. This way, the new homeowners can pick out what they need without you having to worry about getting the wrong item or something they already have.