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Bishop’s Move supports Kenya Aid Programme

20 Apr 2012

Bishop’s Move supports Kenya Aid Programme
Following an introduction on Twitter, we are proud to announce that Bishop’s Move are providing large furniture donations to the charity, Kenya Aid Programme.

So fare we have donated 4,000 cubic feet’s worth of office furniture to the Kenya Aid Programme! Having first been introduced on social networking platform Twitter, we contacted the charity organisers who welcomed the donation and will now ship the furniture, which includes computer tables, chairs and bookshelves, to schools throughout Kenya.

The Kenya Aid Programme was established in 2010 after the outbreak of post-election violence in early 2008. A small group of people started to work with a mandate to relieve the hardship and distress of people in need of humanitarian support in Kenya. The charity is now working with a number of on-going educational and structural projects to enhance the lives of those living in the country and it works to facilitate the transfer of surplus furniture and resources from schools and offices in the UK to schools and community projects in Kenya.

Bishop’s Move’s donation, which will provide new equipment to numerous schools throughout Kenya, will mean that the children will be provided with modern furniture on which to learn, enhancing their studies and improving their school lives. Bishop’s Move has also confirmed that donations will continue to the programme with similar equipment stored within their warehouses and containers.

Chris Marshall, Bishop’s Move Marketing Director comments: “Charities like this can humble you in an instant and we all feel honoured that our furniture donation is going to improve the lives of hundreds of children throughout Kenya. You can quite often get caught up in everyday life and take items such as office furniture for granted but it’s important for us all to realise that these items can simply change the lives of those that need it for the better.”

Bev Allan of the Kenya Aid Programme comments: “On behalf of the Kenya Aid Programme team and the schools and children throughout Kenya, I would like to thank Bishop’s Move for its wonderful donation. To witness positive changes being made to children living in lesser developed countries such as our own is priceless, and that’s exactly what donations such as this do – they enrich and improve their lives. This office furniture will now give the children a chance, and that’s what our charity is all about.”

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