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Benefits of Using Storage when Moving Internationally

27 Aug 2021

Benefits of Using Storage when Moving Internationally

It’s a proven fact that moving house is one of the most stressful experiences a person can go through in their lives. This becomes all the more demanding when someone is moving abroad. There are so many factors to consider when undertaking an international relocation and this is before the move even takes place. One simple way to ease the stress is to contact our international removals team who can make the entire process much easier for you. But there are also a number of other things you can do to ease the entire international relocation process. 

Transporting your belongings across the globe can be a source of great worry. It can be easy to think of the move as one big process, but the reality is that even the largest moves consist of countless little steps you need to tackle one by one until you’re finally settled in your new home. Every little bit can help ease your relocation, and one thing to consider is putting items in storage. It might sound trivial, but here’s how it can benefit you when moving internationally.



Before you move your belongings around the world, it’s a great idea to take stock. Putting your belongings into storage can help you declutter and realise how many items you really have - it can be easier to visualise in a storage unit than scattered around your home. This can be useful in deciding what to take with you and what could be left behind, especially for a temporary stint abroad. The fewer belongings you need to take, the cheaper and more hassle-free it will be to transport them through customs.

Another side to this is that an empty house is far better for house viewings if you are selling your UK home. People will be able to picture their own furniture in your rooms, making the process of selling faster and potentially even getting you a little more money in your pocket.


Steps and Snags

There are many steps involved in an international move. If you are moving abroad for a lengthy period of time, you may be renting temporarily before deciding where to settle. Putting your items in storage will allow for these in-between phases and ensure you are not tied to a property by your belongings. This will also allow for you to ascertain the space in your new property and what you won’t need to bring with you.

There could always be unforeseen issues on moving day - your new housing may need work before moving in, buyers might pull out, estate agents could miss appointments - it’s best to be prepared for anything. With your belongings in safe and flexible storage, that’s one less thing to worry about if something should go wrong.


Shipping your Items

When researching the Customs process for your new home country, you may well find that there are some items which are difficult or expensive to transport through customs. Using a storage unit for your electronics, plant items or bulkier furniture could save you time and money when packing your household shipment prior to your move. If you need tips on how to store your bulky furniture, check out our blog.

It may also be that you are downsizing from your UK property, meaning that you will need to sell or leave some belongings behind. Storage units can be a great affordable alternative to selling precious items or leaving them with friends or family.


Temporary Relocations

Making use of storage units can be especially useful when your international relocation is only temporary. Units will provide a safe and secure place for your belongings to be left for extended periods. Delicate items will also benefit from being kept at a more consistent temperature than in a regular home. Our expert movers and professional materials ensure excellent packing services so that your items will be safe from the moment they are collected.

With flexible terms, you can often arrange for singular items to be extracted on visits. This will also ease your mind when your assignment abroad comes to an end as unpacking will be a breeze.

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