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At Bishop's Move we strive to make every step of your move as stress-free as possible.

This includes all aspects of our services, including understanding your quotation.

With this in mind we have put this following document together to help you understand your quote in more detail and to ensure that you have all the services that you require in place for your move.

Please feel free to contact us on 0208 391 8422 if you have any additional questions regarding our services or your quote, we are always happy to help.

Transit Insurance Cover

Our Transit Insurance Cover is designed to protect you, the customer. This level of cover is the gold standard when insuring your household goods as it is a new for old policy. In addition, our Transit Insurance will not affect your no claims bonus when compared to a typical household insurance.

Cancellation Protection Plan

Our Cancellation Protection Plan will reduce the stresses and uncertainties of moving, allowing for a change in date without incurring additional costs, subject to T&C's.

Late Key Waiver

Our Late Key Waiver protects you against the potential additional costs incurred for overtime working. This option will allow for an additional 3 hours to gain access to your property, providing flexibility and peace of mind.

Concierge Service 1

Our Concierge Consultant will take care of all the admin heavy, menial tasks that come with moving properties. This includes closing accounts for your council tax, utilities, TV licencing. Cancelling Direct Debits and re-registering your pets at the vets, for example.

Concierge Service 2

Provide our Concierge Consultant for 4 hours one to one additional assistance in your previous or new home, depending on your preference. They will be able to assist with unpacking your boxable items at your delivery property, aiding in making your new house a home.

Understanding your quote