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Haunted House Moving Checklist
Haunted House Moving Checklist
by Louise Dunckley, 31 October 2017

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to move a haunted house at Halloween? It's a fact that, moving house is one of the most stressful things you can undertake in a lifetime however it doesn't have to be a nightmare! To move haunted house successfully you have to be deadly serious. So who yer going to call - Bishop's Move! With this in mind we've put together this fun ...

Moving House

The Marvellous Moving House Checklist!
A Marvellous Moving House Checklist
by Bishop's Move, 13 September 2016

To celebrate Roald Dahl Day, we've put together our very own marvellous moving house checklist for all the fans of this famous British author! Moving house can sometimes feel the most frothbungling thing you can undertake in a lifetime! However, by following our marvellous moving house checklist, you will be able to avoid your move from becoming a trogglehumper... 6-8 weeks before Moving ...

Moving House

Choosing the Right London Removals Company
Choosing the Right London Removals Company for your Move
by Bishop's Move, 07 March 2016

There are a truckload of London removals companies and choosing the right one for your move can seem daunting! The city has over 8.6 million people living in it, with flats and apartments making up over half of London's accommodation. Bishop's Move have been providing removals and storage services throughout London since we were established in what was the "village" of Pimlico in 1854 - so here ...

Moving House

8 Best Books for Kids when Moving Home
by Bishop's Move, 03 March 2016

It's World Book Day, again - and we've updated our list of best books for children when moving house!  Moving home can be worrying for children, young or old - the unknown can be stressful, from leaving the comfort of their room to watching their things get packed away. Moving can also be exciting! Reading is an excellent way to prepare children of all ages for times of change in their ...

Moving House

Moving House for Christmas "To Do" List!
Moving House for Christmas "To Do" List
by Bishop's Move, 08 December 2014

With only a few days to go until Christmas, the countdown is on - especially if you are planning on moving house in time for Father Christmas to visit you at your new home!  Moving house at any time of the year can be stressful and the pressure of being moved in and unpacked by the 24th December can exacerbate this - however, if you follow our 'Christmas To Do List' you will be ...