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Three Things you should know about Moving to Hong Kong
Three Things to Know When Moving To Hong Kong, China
by Bishop's Move, 19 February 2015

Becoming an expat and relocating to live in Hong Kong, China, can be a daunting experience. However, the fact that Hong Kong was a former British Colony and is China’s bridge between the East and the West means that expats relocating to Hong Kong get the best of both worlds – a traditional Chinese way of life yet a in progressive, liberal economy. Here are three things that you should ...

International Moves

Top Tips for Clearing Dubai and Abu Dhabi Customs
Customs Advice for Dubai and Abu Dhabi
by Bishop's Move, 02 December 2013

Moving to Dubai or Abu Dhabi in the UAE? To ensure a hassle-free customs experience you need to be aware that there are strict rules as to what can be imported in your personal possessions. All sea and air shipments are thoroughly checked by customs at the port or airport before being released for delivery. Many items which may seem suitable to ...

International Moves

How to Move to Canada
How to Move to Canada
by Bishop's Move, 25 October 2013

Moving to Canada can be an exciting yet a daunting challenge. Canada is situated north of the United States within the North American continent and is one of the largest countries in the world. Approximately 221,000 and 262,000 immigrants have moved to Canada each year since 2001. A move to Canada is easier if you follow the correct legal procedure for residency and citizenship ...

International Moves

Top 10 Tips for Moving or Retiring Abroad
Top 10 Tips for Moving or Retiring Abroad
by Bishop's Move, 13 May 2013

Bishop's Move are the UK's largest family-owned removals company and we have been moving people abroad since 1854 - our very first International move was from London to Paris in a horse drawn removals van! Over the last 155 years, we have developed a wealth of International moving experience and shipping know-how - so we thought we'd share them with you ...

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The Rock of Cashel - Tipperary (from
Happy St Patrick's Day Ireland!
by Bishop's Move, 17 March 2013

It's the 17st March, 2013 - St Patick's Day! This cultural and religious Irish public holiday is named after Ireland's primary saint, Patrick - the "Apostle of Ireland". He is said to have preached using the Shamrock as a sign for the Holy Trinity, and this is why it is still a symbol of this country today. If you are relocating from the UK, it is easy to see why Ireland is so ...