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IT Relocation

IT Relocation

If you need to install your IT system into a new building, we’re here with expert skills to make it happen – from simple internal systems to complex, multi-site networks.

IT removal and relocation can be a risky business, when there’s so much data at stake. But whether you’re moving internally or over a long distance, our Techmate™ team can cater for your IT needs, with our industry-leading specialist IT relocation services.

We offer a full pre-move consultancy, with complete project management and specialist engineering resources. Our Registered Communications Distribution Designers (RCDDs) are qualified to design communications systems for any building, and are approved by Siemon, RIT and Brand Rex for cabling, and AVAYA, CISCO and Nortel Networks for active network components. We also have over 40 trained and experienced engineers ready to install everything for you. From the day we complete our installation, your systems installation will be guaranteed for up to 16 years, giving you extra peace of mind that the job will be done right, first time.

Using Techmate™ means that you’ll find all your systems can be re-installed with very little disruption, and will be fully working in no time at all.

Call our Business Relocation department to discuss your specialise IT Relocation services on 0800 616 425.