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Moving to America Guide

Bishop's Move have years of experience in moving people and their property to and from America. Our USA removals experts have come up with these fundamentals for moving to America and to the UK from the USA.

Household Effects

Personal and household effects can be imported duty and tax free, providing they have been owned and used by the client for at least one year before their arrival in the USA.

The client must have arrived in the country prior to the arrival of the effects in order to prove their eligibility for duty free exemption and finalise the clearance. If duty free exemption is not required the client does not have to be in the country.

In either case all customs forms must be completed in the UK ready for presentation to US customs at time of consignment arrival.

Most personal effects shipments entering the USA are subject to examination by US customs. Checks can range from container x-ray through to full physical exam. All checks made by customs incur costs which cannot be pre-paid in the UK.

These include, but are not limited to: x-ray; handling and re-stowing of effects; demurrage; storage, extra haulage.

Importers should be aware that if a full examination is required, the costs could range into the thousands of dollars.

Required documentation for household goods only:

  • US customs form 3299
  • Treasury department 3299 supplemental declaration
  • Power of attorney
  • Copy of passport photo and details pages
  • Copy of entry Visa

Motor Vehicles

It is extremely difficult and costly to ship vehicles to the USA!

In general, only vehicles originally manufactured in the USA will be allowed import entry. Any person wanting to ship their vehicle is recommended to contact the US Dept of Transportation well before the move, and shipping should be completely separate from your household effects.

Required Documentation from client

  • Proof of ownership
  • Copy of US title
  • Vehicle registration
  • Letter from manufacturer to show vehicle meets US emissions standards .