Confirmation of Delivery Address
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Confirmation of Delivery Address

Please fill in the form below with information about your delivery address and a contact telephone number that we will be able to contact you on on the day of your move.

Your Name : Mrs Chamarette (not you? click here)
Customer Reference : CP0450077.1


Landline of New Property or Mobile Phone


1. Our largest vehicle is about the size of a double-decker bus; in our opinion, would this be able to get to your new home? Yes No
2. Are there any parking restrictions at your new address? Yes No
3. If the road access is restrictive for large vehicles, please tell us what the restrictions are
4. How many meters from your front door would our vehicle be able to park safely?
5. Do you have a private driveway at your new home? Yes No
6. If yes to 5, is our driver allowed to park the vehicle on the drive? Yes No
7. If yes to 6, please tell us what surface the drive is? ( tarmac, gravel, paving etc)
8. If yes to 7, please tell us if the drive has any surface drains, drain lids, weak drains or low overhanging trees?
9. If you have steps leading to your new front door, how many are there?
10. Is your new home a flat/apartment? Yes No
11. If yes to 10, what floor is it on?
12. If yes to 11, what is the access like? (ie private stairs, communal stairs, lift)
13. Are there any other obstacles that you can forsee causing a difficulty in delivering to your new home? Yes No
14. If yes to 13, what is/are the obstacle(s)?