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Here at Bishop's Move we provide a brilliant removals service across the UK, with over 20 branches spread over the United Kingdom.

Our experience goes back 165 years in the removals industry and we are enthusiastic about providing a high standard of removals across West Midlands and the UK. So, if you are looking for a professional and trustworthy removals company then, Bishop’ Move West Midlands is the place for you.

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Why Choose Bishop's Move West Midlands For Your Removal?

Over our 160 year history we have been able to gain expert understanding and skills within the removals and storage industry. One common factor that is extremely apparent the more removals we carry out is that each and every move is different. As there are different areas of West Midlands and the UK you can be located within, or have your own personal timeline and budget in which you would like to work from. Due to these factors we try to ensure that we always keep an open mind when we are discussing your move and the various arrangements that are put into place, as we want to fulfil your needs and desires as best as we can.

We try our very best to ensure we are able to fulfil each and every need you may have as a customer during your removal; therefore in order to achieve this we will produce our very own tailor made removals plan just for you. In which we will go through all the details of your move and discuss the different aspects that need to be considered. By doing this it offers you the opportunity to be able to look through the different services that we offer and select the ones that are perfect for you. 

Throughout the removal process it can be a rather strenuous time and demanding time for all those involved. Therefore as a way to make the customers life easier and to provide ourselves with a greater chance in being able to fulfil any demands you may have we provide a number of different services on top of the business removals. These services include:

  • Office removals
  • Crate hire
  • Porterage services
  • Secure Storage - for surplus stock, unwanted equipment or furniture
  • IT Decommission and Recommission 
  • Weekend and night moves to reduce possible interruption

We take great pride in the services we offer to our customers, and we try to ensure that we can offer the best and most comprehensive service to you. For that reason, if you are someone who is in search of an exceptional, expert and dependable removals company within West Midlands, then look no further. As here we have the knowledge to provide you with everything that you may need during this period.