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Top Tips to Maximise Value and Sell Your Home in the New Year

17 Feb 2021

Top Tips to Maximise Value and Sell Your Home in the New Year

If you are looking to put your house on the market in the new year then you might be wondering how you can maximise the value of your property. More importantly, you want to make sure your home is easy to sell and you get the right price for your property so that you can move onto the next home. Both of these things go hand in hand and you don’t actually have to spend a fortune to maximise your value and sell your property. Our guide helps to provide you with some top tips to maximise value in your property and sell your home in the new year.

Make a Good First Impression

One common mistake that people make when putting their home up for sale is to neglect the exterior of their property. First impressions are massively important when selling your home and if people don’t like the look of the exterior they might not even bother to view it. A respectable and well kept driveway is one of the biggest factors along with the condition of the windows on the property. You should also consider giving the exterior of your house a fresh coat of paint to keep up appearances before potential buyers enter the property.

Keep Personal Touches 

Another common error is that people often assume that they should put away as many items as possible to make the area seem open and spacious. You should make sure that your home is clean and tidy of course but leaving a personal touch in the room is quite important to selling the property. When people purchase a property they want to know that they can feel at home when they move in and that it has a homely feel. This means family pictures or some tidy decorations can actually help to sell your home, as long as it doesn’t look cluttered.

Fix Anything Broken

This might seem like an obvious thing to do but if you have lived with things that are out of place for a while then it can be easy to forget about them. Any damage to the walls, any broken sockets or damage to the flooring should be repaired as best as possible or replaced where you can. In general people don’t want to have to fix things or repair items as soon as they move in so this can put people off. Similarly, if there is a cupboard that doesn’t open properly or a creaky floorboard, fix these before you invite viewers around your home.

Smarten Up the Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the best rooms in any home to work on smartening up and renovating if you have the budget, as this is often the hub of a home and seen as a large expense. If you have solid wooden cupboards then you could have a go at painting them to give your kitchen a cheap refurbishment. This will help to brighten it up and could help to get your property sold. Make small changes and consider replacing appliances if they are particularly old. It is definitely a room in the home worth smartening up if you have some budget spare.