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Decorating Your Tree to Match Your Interior Décor

12 Dec 2019

Decorating Your Tree to Match Your Interior Décor

No matter what your decoration style is, there are plenty of ways to make your tree look extra special this Christmas. We have some great tips on how to match your tree to your interior décor.

Get a high-quality tree

The start to a great looking Christmas tree is to invest in a high-quality one. Although slightly more expensive, an artificial one usually presents a full appearance and are considerably easier to decorate. Artificial trees are often crafted from the right materials to provide sturdy support for any decorations. You also don’t want sparse areas on your tree, so ensure you’re your branches are fully ‘fluffed’ out. Although time-consuming, the result is definitely worth it. A bonus of the artificial tree is that you don’t get sharp needles and shedding as you do on a real tree.

Pick a colour scheme

When trying to match your Christmas tree to your interior décor, it is important that you consider the general colour scheme of your home, so you can reflect it onto the tree. Stick to a colour scheme consisting of only one or two colours, so that it doesn’t look overly messy and overcrowded. It is also important to pick colours that don’t clash. If using a bold colour, perhaps consider choosing a subdued silver or white to complement it.

Coloured lights

Festive lights are what brings any tree to life, so it is important to buy the right ones. The colour and tone of your lights can either complement or clash with your interior décor, so we have some advice if you are unsure. If your interior décor is dated and classic, consider getting yellow-toned lights to create a warm ambience. Spiced tones and seasonal shades of gold and red compliment warm lights very well, so it might be worth considering matching the two together on your tree. However, if you have a modern interior in your home, white LED lights might be worth a try. White lights complement the crisp clean look of modern design and can brighten any tree up. Pair the white lights with silver and white tree decorations to create a modern aesthetic, whilst still maintaining the magical Christmas appeal.

Balance the decorations

Decorations are the paint to you canvas when it comes to Christmas trees, so it is important to pick the right ones. Get a range of ornaments to decorate your tree, to create an interesting and full appearance, measuring varying sizes to add visual appeal.  Many bauble sets actually contain a range of sizes and finishes, so perhaps consider buying a pack for your tree supposed to individually. This can be cost-effective, and a lot easier. You can also purchase colourful ribbons, delicate ornaments, flowers and tinsel from pretty much any supermarket. Although seemingly obvious, it is important to spread your decorations evenly over the tree. Clustering baubles in one corner of the tree can look clumsy, so ensure to spread your decorations evenly across your tree. Most importantly, don’t forget the star on the top of the tree!