Bishop's Moving Hacks

06 Nov 2019

Bishop's Moving Hacks
Bishop's Moving Hacks

1. When packing your goods, ensure to place heavy, non-essential items into boxes first. By doing this well in advance of your move date you leave more readily accessible space available for items you may need to get to in a hurry.

2. Ensure to save time riffling through all of your packed boxes for important items by packing your "First Nights" box. This is your go-to box for all of your top priority items, for example, medicines, important documentation, essential electrical appliances.

3. Take photos of each box and label these with colour coded labels, a catalogue of your belongings will begin to materialise, making it stress-free and easy to locate your desired belongings.

4. To avoid tangled wires, wrap these around toilet roll cardboard cylinders.

5. Use suitcases for heavier items instead of clothes, the wheels will benefit moving these items rather than lighter weight clothing.

6. Ensure your freezer is defrosted 48h prior to your move, if you know your moving date well in advance be sure to only buy enough to be used until 48 hours before moving day.

7. If moving internationally and facing a language barrier, be sure to note down 10-20 useful phrases on your phone in order to refer to these quickly if required

8. Similarly when moving internationally, if your moving date is yet to be confirmed but your passport is potentially expiring within the next few months, renew it ahead of time. Knowing that your passport is in date and isn't about to expire is another step closer to a stress free moving day.

9. Buy cool bags from your local supermarket, you will be able to avoid wasting the few remaining food items left in your fridge on moving day.

10. Take photos of your electrical appliances and how these are connected, it'll speed up the process of reconnecting these in your new home considerably.