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8 Best Books for Kids when Moving Home

03 Mar 2016

8 Best Books for Kids when Moving Home
It's World Book Day, again - and we've updated our list of best books for children when moving house.

Moving home can be worrying for children, young or old - the unknown can be stressful, from leaving the comfort of their room to watching their things get packed away. Moving can also be exciting. Reading is an excellent way to prepare children of all ages for times of change in their young lives, such times as Moving House.

Here are the 8 Best Books we recommend you should read with your kids when moving home:

My Very Exciting%44 Sorta Scary%44 Big Move - workbook for kids

My Very Exciting, Sorta Scary, Big Move: A workbook for children moving to a new home - by Lori Attanasio Woodring Ph.D.

Age 5 - 11 Years

This award winning book is full of charming illustrations and fun activities for kids, making one of the most stressful life events for kids - moving - a little less worrying and a much more exciting. This new workbook walks kids step by step through the entire moving house process, including understanding change, strategies for managing emotions, ways to say goodbye, taking part in a new adventure, tips for making new friends, and much more.

Moving House - Usborne First Experiences

Moving House - by Usborne First Experiences

Age 0-8 Years

This beautifully illustrated book is suitable for very young children by gently introducing them to the process of moving house. There is lots to see and look for in the pictures and the story has an amusing element making the whole concept of moving house fun. There is also a sticker book version - for a little more interaction.

I Want to Go Home. (Little Princess)

I Want to Go Home. (Little Princess) - by Tony Ross

Age 2 - 5 Years

The Little Princess has been moved to a new castle. There is lots more room. But she does not see why they can't go back to the old place. Surely it is still the same? This is a lovely reassuring book, with typical Little Princess humour, that will ring true with anyone who has ever moved house with a toddler.

We're Moving - Heather Maisner

We're Moving - by Heather Maisner, Houghton Mifflin Company

Age 0 - 7 Years

A delightful book about Amy, a pre-schooler, who doesn't want to move as it will mean she will have to say good-bye to her best friend as well as leave the garden she planted with her dad. The illustrations are lovely to look at and the story will encourage younger children to talk about their feelings and any concerns that they may have about moving house.

Berenstain Bears - Moving Day

Berenstain Bears' Moving Day - by Random House, Incorporated

Age 3- 7 years

Many children are already aware of the Berenstain Bear stories and so will easily associate with the characters, in particular Brother Bear. The book raises some of the fears that children may have about moving house but all turns out for the best in the end - which is great for re-assuring younger children about moving day.

Moving House First Times

Moving House (First Times) - by Rebecca Hunter

Age 2 - 8 Years

A clever book that explores the whole "first time" experience of moving house with specially commissioned photographs to support the narrative. There is also 2 levels of text so that early readers to join in, or simply look at the pictures and be read to.

The Moving Book - A Kids Survival Guide

The Moving Book - A Kids' Survival Guide - by Gabriel Davis (First Books Inc)

Age 8 -12 Years

A great book about moving house for older children (approximately 8-13 years). This comprehensive guide is extremely organised and helps to prepared kids to move house. It deals with everything from how to cope with any anxieties that they may have to how to keep in touch with friends they are leaving behind.

The Mission of Detective Mike : Moving Abroad

The Mission of Detective Mike : Moving Abroad - by Simone T. Costa Eriksson 

Age 5-9 Years

This book is perfect for expat families intending on moving abroad. It deals with a child's concerns and fears about moving to another country, what will happen to his toys, as well as about learning the language. Written by both a psychologist and expatriate.

Moving House with Kids?

And remember - moving house can be one of the biggest adventures you and your children may have. Maybe one that is even worth writing about.