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Staff Driver Training Information

Staff & Training - Driver CPC is a legal requirement for anybody who drives a vehicle 3.5 tonne or above.

The Driver CPC is the biggest change to the haulage industry since LGV driving tests were introduced in 1969. From September 10th 2009 the Driver CPC is being introduced across the EU in order to improve road safety and maintain high driving standards.

All drivers who drive a vehicle over 3.5 tons must hold a Driver CPC if they want to be employed as a driver. This will mean that all drivers will need a minimum of 35 hours “periodic training” every 5 years – 7 hours per year. This training is recorded on a government database and a driver qualification card (DQC) will be issued When 35 hours training has been done before 9th September 2014.

The training requires that the drivers attend courses but doesn’t involve exams or tests. The existing ‘Transport Manager’s CPC’ also known as the ‘Operator’s CPC’ is a separate qualification and anyone holding one, who still drives professionally as part of their job, will also need to hold a Driver CPC (DCPC). In Great Britain legislation after 2014 it will be an offence to drive a vehicle without having a Driver Qualification Card, and to cause or permit another person to do so (maximum fine for either offence is £1,000).

For more information on the CPC course please contact Mina Patel.