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Advice on the safe packing and handling of crates from Bishop’s Move

Advice on the safe packing and handling of crates from Bishop’s Move.

 •Remember that crates due to their strength are heavier than expected, even when empty, always lift by bending the knees and keeping your back straight. Do not try to lift more than three nested together.
•Never place on desk or other polished surface.
•Never stow loaded ones more than three high.
•When packing high shelves or the top two drawers of filing cabinets, build two empties as a base and place the one you’re packing on top, to minimise bending. This will also make lifting them out of your way easier.
•Before lifting these away, gently try the weight, be prepared to unpack to a manageable weight – If you can’t comfortably lift them down from the shelves, our men won’t be able to carry them very far!
•Use a sensible system of labelling, marking not where they come from but where they are destined – ensure everyone concerned understands it!
•Don’t stick labels on the top of the crates, but attach to the right hand end, this will allow you to find any in a stow that you may need in a hurry.
•When packing files, books or similar sequential matter, pack from left to right placing a second label on the inside of the left hand end to let whoever is unpacking know where to start. This will speed up sequential re-stowing.
•If packing confidential or valuable matter, do order and use the uniquely numbered seals Bishop’s Move provide, also make sure to take note of label and seal numbers.
•If packing fragile items, ensure they are adequately wrapped with the heavier items on the bottom, and more delicate items on top. Use extra wrapping material to form cushions under each layer and fill voids.
The above tips won’t make you into a qualified packer, but if followed, will keep you safe and minimise disruption to the move.