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Corporate Relocation Brochure

When it comes to relocating employees we have everything you need because Bishop's Move's employee relocation service is an integral part of the UK's largest privately owned removals and storage company.

With experience of moving people and businesses around the corner and across the global, we ensure your employee
relocation experience is as efficient, painless and stress-free as possible.

We understand that moving your people is a vital part of business. Our dedicated Move Management service helps you plan and communicate every step of the move to your employees and the business, ensuring everyone is kept informed and up to date.

If you’re relocating people abroad, our International Move Consultants mean you and your employees won’t need to worry about customs, red tape or the peculiarities of overseas administration.

With a global network of our own offices and accredited partners, we can offer relocation, removals and storage solutions wherever your employees may need it. And if your relocation needs are ongoing, we can offer discounted rates and specialist services for Corporate Accounts.

If your company is relocating you to another part of the the country, or the world,, we can help your move go smoothly - from the business side to the family side.

Undertaking thousands of employee relocations every year means that our specialist Move Consultants can handle
anything you throw at them. We’ll help plan your entire move, spot issues before they arise, find solutions to difficult manoeuvrability problems and make the whole process as stress-free as possible.

We’ll also liaise with your company and come up with a plan to ensure that you’re always informed of everything that
happens during your move. We can even help to organise the finer details for you, such as finding out about local schools and doctors at your new destination.

Our moving house services include different packing options, so you can sit back and relax as we pack your whole house
up and unpack it at the other end. Or you can use our services to expertly wrap only your most delicate items. We also offer
secure storage and self-storage facilities wherever you need them.

If you’re relocating outside the UK, our International Move Consultants are also experts in customs regulations and
overcoming red tape so we can help you plan and arrange your move anywhere in the world.

Minimise the impact on your business with an employee relocation service that keeps your people and your business working.

Using an employee relocation company of the highest calibre will help keep you away from avoidable interruptions to you
business, your customers and demonstrate to employees how much you care.

You can take the anguish out of moving by taking care of all aspects of your employee’s relocation and being there for them at every step of the process. With our unrivalled experience, nothing is beyond the expertise of our Corporate
Relocation team – from relocating one member of staff to a new house across town, to relocating an entire workforce to the other side of the world.

Our team of expert consultant’s are dedicated to managing corporate relocations and supervising all aspects of this process. They provide employees at all levels with all the expert help and advice to successfully relocation.

Our services include:

  • Single / family orientation
  • Group orientation
  • Home purchase assistance and temporary accommodation needs
  • Service apartments
  • Furniture rental
  • Settling-in programme
  • School search
  • Assistance with cars
  • Cross cultural training
  • Partner support programme
  • Policy issues
  • Removal & shipping services
  • Global storage solutions
  • VISA & immigration assistance
  • Like for like reports
  • On site relocation clinics